French Revolution


Financial Crisis of 1787-1789

1787 - 1789

Poor harvest, high grain prices, and King's wife spend plenty of the money on fashion habits (her hair).

Storming Bastille

1788 - 1789

Represented royal authority in the center of Paris. Its falling was the flashpoint of the french revolution.

Estates General


Meeting of the Third Estate to overthrow the government. Was called to deal with France's financial problems.


1789 - 1815

Overthrew leaders of the revolution. Carried out by exiled french nobles.

Napoleon's Rise to Power

1789 - 1799

Was a french military leader and emperor who conquered most of Europe. Brought much power to France.

Tennis Court Oath


Oath made by third estate french men in a tennis court which signified the first time that french citizens formally stood in opposition to Louis XVI.

Creation of National Assembly

06/20/1789 - 1791

Created the National Assembly of France.

Great Fear

07/15/1789 - 08/3/1789

Peasant's rebellion against famine. Massacre of nobles and clergy

Declaration of the Rights of Man and of the Citizen


A constitution of France that states the rights of the citizens

Important Actions of the National Convention

09/20/1792 - 10/26/1795

Comprised the constitutional and legislative assembly. Held executive power.

Important Napoleonic Reforms

1793 - 1799
  1. Equality of all in the eyes of the law
  2. No recognition of privileges of birth
  3. Freedom of religion
  4. Separation of the church and state
  5. Freedom to work in any occupation of one's choice
  6. Strengthening family by: Placing father as head of the family Restricting ground of divorce to adultery, conviction of a serious crime, and grave insults, excessed or cruelty. It also preserved social aims of the Revolution. It protected the intrests of the rising middle class. It guarenteed civil liberties

Execution of LouisXVI


Signified end of monarchy in France.

Reign of Terror

09/05/1793 - 07/28/1794

Period of violence in France in which many rival factions fought with each other. There were many mass executions of enemies of the revolution.

Invasion of Russia


Turning point of the Napoleonic Wars. Reduced French and invading Ally forces. This severely weakened France.

Exile to Elba


Napoleon was exiled to Elba.

Congress of Vienna

11/01/1814 - 06/08/1815

Conference of European ambassadors to settle the many issues arising from the French Revolutionary wars, the Napoleonic Wars, and the Dissolution of the holy Roman Empire.

Battle of Waterloo


Imperial army under command of Napoleon was defeated, ending Napoleon's rule.