VIva la Revolution de France!!!!!


Financial Crisis

1787 - 1789

The financial crisis was the cause of poor leadership by Louis XVI the fact that he was involved in three diffident wars at the same time and had no sense of common sense and spent money like water with out any consideration of their nation. The result of the financial crises even tho it was bad it lead to need of change leading to the creation of the Declaration of rights of man.


1789 - 1815

The people that were for the counterrevolution were the high and mighty the nobles and people with money. They did;nt want a revolution they wanted things to go back the way they were before. Many nobles left the country and formed army groups and asked for help from other nations to help get control of France again. This Counterrevolution goes against the declaration of rights of man because these people did not want equality but they wanted to keep stomping on the common folk like they were still high and mighty.

Estates Generals meet

May 5 1789 - June 1789

King Lois XIV was forced was forced to agree to the calling of the States-General. Elections were ordered in 1788, and on May 5, 1789, for the first time the state generals met at Versailles. The purpose was to obtain the assembly's consent to a general fiscal reform. This meeting goes with the guidelines of rights of man its about the people being herd and collaborating in order to come to an agreement. Even tho the purpose was not reached.

Creation of national assembly

June 17 1789 - July 9 1789

During the Estates general meeting the question soon arose whether the estates should meet separately and vote by order or meet jointly and vote by head. As Louis XVI wavered, the deputies of the third estate defiantly proclaimed themselves the National Assembly.This event also goes with the declaration of rights of man because the people of the third estate were taking a stand they knew their voices were not being herd so they made their own assembly defiantly in order to be heard at last.

Tennis Court oath

June 20 1789

Growing discontent in the third estate with King Louis XVI desire to hold onto the country's history of absolute government. So they called a meeting of all the estates together to make a reform,their proposal was to hold a vote by head instead of by estate. This would have given the Third Estate, a stronger voice in the Estates General. The men of the Third Estate really wanted this and they were anxious to discuss these measures. But they arrived at their assigned meeting hall but found it locked against them. So the deputies believed that this was an attempt by Louis XVI to end their demands for reform and their desier increased. Refusing to be held down by their King any longer, they deputies did not break up, instead they moved their meeting to a nearby indoor tennis court. They talk about how the Third Estate could protect themselves from those in positions of authority and those who wanted to destroy them. Mounier proposed that the Third Estate adopt an oath of allegiance. It proposed oath was to read that they would remain together until a constitution had been written, meeting wherever it was required and resisting pressures form the outside. The proposal was a success. It was promptly written and signed by 577 members of the Third Estate. Later, the document was named the Tennis Court Oath. This goes directly with the decleration of rights of man because the people were owning up to their own rightstanding up and uniting.

Storming of Bastille

July 14 1789

the People of France were sick and tired! So a huge, bloodthirsty mob marched to the Bastille, searching for gun powder and the biting truth of starvation were just too much for the angry crowds. The Bastille had been prepared for over a week, anticipating But they still lost. This Event a supports the Deceleration of rights of man because it states that men have certain unalienable rights and its the governments job to uphold these rights and if the Gov. is not doing their job as citizens they have the right to revolt!

The Great Fear

July 20 1789 - August 1789

A period of panic and riots by peasants and others amid rumors of an aristocratic conspiracy that the king and other privileged to overthrow the third estate. The great fear is justified because of such conspiracies to overthrow the largest estateis and poorest estate and supports the rights of man because in it it clearly states that the ignorance and neglect of rights of man becoming the sole cause of public calamities. That is why the peoples fear is justified.

Actions by assembly: Gov confiscates church property

August, 1789

The State canceled the taxing power of the Church. Declaring that all church property in France belonged to the nation, confiscations were ordered and church properties were sold at public auction. This event and the events that followed after this are totally against the rights of man because in the deceleration of the rights of man it gave freedom not only of religion but of expression and taking the church property totally goes against that.

Assembly accion: Decrees release peasants and farmers from feudal contracts

August 4 1789

This event finally sent the peasants and farmers free from being ruled by a lord or noble they were no longer obligated to work for anyone they didn't want to work for. This event concurs with the deceleration of rights of man because it puts it in action that everyone has freedom so might as well get rid of feudal contracts.

decleration of Rights of man

August 26 1789

The "Declaration of the Rights of Man and of the Citizen" were passed by the National Assembly. This presented to the world a summary of the ideals and principles of the Revolution, and justified the destruction of a government based upon absolutism and privilege, and the establishment of a new regime based upon the inalienable rights of individuals, liberty, and political equality. This was the foundation of the revolution a need for change!

Creation on national Convention

September 20 1792 - October 26 1795

The creation of the National convention was originally known as the national assembly as the French Revolution wore on, differences in political ideas became more obvious. Then Sept. 20, 1792, it became the National Convention split into two major factions: the moderate Girondins and the radical Jacobins. and the convention was born! The creation of the national convention is in total agreement with the decleration of rights of man in fact its enforcing it because the document states you have freedom of speech and opinion they did not like each other so they split up.

Execution of Louis XVI

January 21 1793

the National Convention condemned Louis XVI to death on January 20th. His execution was scheduled for the next day, Louis spent that evening saying goodbye to his wife and children. The following day dawned cold and wet, He was escorted on a two-hour carriage ride to his place of execution. Where he was killed in a public square by the giullotine. Even tho Lois XIV wasnt the most popular guy and terrible king his execution is totally against the article of rights of man he was still a human being with certain unalienable rights and to kill someone for no reason is just crazy.

Reign of terror

September 5 1793 - July 28 1794

The Reign of Terror was the period during the revolution in which a huge number of people were killed by guillotine. Lead by Maximilien Robespierre, who was in charge of the Committee of Public Safety. The rationale behind the massive killings of citizens was to protect the Revolution from traitorous reactionaries and royalists who plotted together with foreign forces against the new Republic. This reign of terror definetly goes against the decleration of rights of man because lots of people were killed were for starters inocent and they did not have a say and specifically the document states that you are inocent until proven guilty.

Reforms made by Napoleon: Legion of Honour

19 May 1802

The legion of honor was the highest decoration in France and is divided into five degrees: Chevalier (Knight), Officier (Officer), Commandeur (Commander), Grand Officier (Grand Officer) and Grand Croix (Grand Cross).the highest decoration in France and was divided into five degrees: Knight, Officer, Commander,Grand Officer and Grand Cross. The point of the legion of honor was to create a reward to commend civilians and soldiers.The legion of honor goes hand in hand with the deceleration of rights of man because it dose not forbid any of the peoples freedom but its rewards people for their good or heroic actions.

Napoleons Rise to power!

1804 - 1815

During this time the government was bankrupt, while inflation, taxation and unemployment were soaring. The regime had lost control in much of the country. Then on October 23rd, the first , Napoleon's elder brother, Lucien Bonaparte, was elected president of the Council of Five Hundred. He and Napoleon agreed to work together; his brother clearly underestimating Napoleon. Then On December 13th the new constitution was formally proclaimed, with Napoleon as First Consul with full executive powers. Five years later he would have thought he would become emperor. It was his reputation as a victorious commander that had brought him popularity, but it took far more than this to bring him to power!.


March 1804

The Napoleonic code was a set of laws that T forbade privileges based on birth, allowed freedom of religion, and specified that government jobs should go to the most qualified. It was fair and smart set of laws that set the foundation for the french Gov. and are still used today. This code is totally for the rights of man i would say that it takes the article of rights of man and takes it up a notch higher.

Exile to Elba

April 11 1814

Napoleon Bonaparte leaves the throne, and is banished to the Mediterranean island of Elba. The fact that he was exiled also supports the Deceleration of rights of man because it shows that the people had the ability to exercise their power and they didn't like napoleon so they threw him out!

Congress Of Vienna

November 1 1814 - June 8 1815

The Congress of Vienna was held in order to draw up a plan to alter Europe politically and territorially so as to prevent the extensive expansion of any one great power, such as that Napoleon had brought about Creating a balance of power. The fact that the Congress of Vienna was conducted with the aim of preventing universal war, which led to proposals of creating a balance of power, establishing "better" conservative governments among the powerful nations of Europe, reinstating conservative regimes, containing France, and reaching an agreement to cooperate with each other were the goals of the Congress. This Event supports the deceleration of rights of man because its a political body uniting to make decisions witch untimely is the role of government.

Battle of waterloo

June 18 1815

In the battle of Waterloo Napoleon had decided that it was best to defeat the British forces first before the Prussian Army. After charge of French infantry and cavalry they beaten back by British stiff tenacity and fire power. Then at around 7 o clock, just as the British forces began to counterattack, the Prussian cavalry charged into the battlefield and broke through Napoleon’s right flank . In the end Napoleon and what remained of his army fled and Napoleon surrendered to the British for the second and last time. This was goes against the deceleration of rights of man because the role of the government is to" maintain the constitution and redound happiness to all" .Here comes napoleon with none if this in mind only trying to gain back his influence and power, and putting them through another pointless battle.