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Greek ideas

Greek ideas and inventions


2500 BC

Mythology is basically stories that Greek people made about their gods and that's what they think happened.

7 Wonders of the ancient world

2500 BC

Trojan war

1000 BC

The Trojan war is a made up story and that basically where two cities get into a war because two prince and princess loved each other and so one night the princess escaped but the princess was already about to get married so the king who was gonna marry the princess made a horse and then left in front of the enemy's house and when the brought the great big horse inside the enemies jumped from inside the horse killed every one then took the princess back and then married her.


800 BC

Greek teathers

600 BC

Greek Colunms

570 BC


500 BC


477 BC


460 BC


460 BC

Every Greek town had a acropolis an acropolis is where the people of that Greek town when they got attacked they would run up that steep hill so that the bad guys wouldn't get to them and kill them.


400 BC


300 BC


287 BC

Light House

246 BC

Library of Alexandria

200 BC

This library was a big library many children,mathematicians, Philosophers, and many other people went to go read their because there were so many books from great people who took notes from there studies and wrote into a book or just put the notes in the library until it was destroyed and burned.

Hero of Alexandria

20 BC

He created the first steam engine and he was mathematician and with out his invention we wouldn't even have any idea of what a engine even is.

Pliny the Elder

23 AD


128 AD

Roman ideas and inventions


429 BC


100 AD