ST Classical Europe


Greek Ideas And Inventions


2500 B.C


2500 B.C

The Trojan War

1000 B.C

this war started because paris met helena and helena ran away with paris even though she was married and the person that married helena tried to get her back and thats how the trojan war started.

Greek Theaters

600 B.C

The Greek Coloumbus

570 B.C


460 B.C


460 B.C


310 B.C


287 B.C

Roman Ideas and Invention

Olympian Gods

2500 B.C

Alexander the great

356 B.C

Roman Empire

23 B.C

Hadrian [wall]

120 A.D

he built a wall to seprate the their place so they wouldnt cause any wars they also wanted ireland to be seperated into two section he was a roman emperor.

Marcus Aurelius

121 A.D

he was a stoet pholosher and also was a roman emperor.

Empreor Constain

275 A.D

Alexandria Egypt


2500 B.C

7 Wonders

2500 B.C

7 wonders are the biggest and beutifulist wonders all over the world one of them is the library of alexandria and another one of the 7 wonders is lighthouse of alexandria.

Lighthouse of Alexandria

296 B.C

lighthouse of alexandria is one of the 7 wonders this place would be so bright that the whole cities light would be in that lighthouse and ships would also know where the land is in the night time.

Library of Alexandria

200 B.C

in the library of alexandria all the books that the romans and greeks wrote was in those books there were very valubale of information.but soon they destroyed it.


100 A.D