GD Classical Europe

Greek Ideas and Inventions


2500 B.C. - 02/13/2013

Trojan War

1000 B.C.

Started when Paris met Helena and fell in love. Even though she was already married to somebody, Helena ran away with Paris back to Troy. The king Helena was married to gathered his forces and attacked Troy, thus starting the Trojan War.

Homer the Poet

800 B.C. - 700 B.C.

Wrote lots of poems about myths he heard. He was inspired by the Trojan War.

Greek Theatres

600 B.C.

Greek Theatres were to celebrate the gods and all their stories.


580 B.C.

Greek Columns

570 B.C. - 02/13/2013


500 B.C.


492 B.C. - 429 B.C.


460 B.C.


460 B.C.


400 B.C. - 02/13/2013

Originally started in400 B.C. in Athens to celebrate peace in the land.


300 B.C.

Roman Ideas and Inventions

Hadrian Wall

120 A.D.

Marcus Aurelius

121 A.D.


129 A.D.

Emporer Constantine

275 A.D.

Alexandria, Egypt

Lighthouse of Alexandria

283 B.C. - 246 B.C.

Founded by Alex the Great, the light house of Alexandria kept ships from crashing into the harbor at night.

Pliny the Elder

23 A.D.


100 A.D. - 165 A.D.

Library of Alexandria

200 A.D.

Founded by Alex the Great, the Library of Alexandria was a great place to go to learn all kinds of things.