JK Classical Europe


Greek Ideas and Inventions

Greek Mytholagy

2500 BC

There were alot of gods here are some.Zeues was the god of the sky. Pasiden God of water.Haties god of the underworld.Athena the godest of reason

7 Wonders of the world

2500 BC - 250 BC

The Trogan War

1000 BC

Homer the Poet

800 BC - 700 BC

Greek Theratere

600 BC


580 BC

The Greek Colums

570 BC - 560 BC


490 BC - 429 BC


477 BC - 399 BC


460 BC

Alexander the Great

356 BC

He was a greek person. He was very amazing. He conqured alot. He also gave lots of knowledge to people. He made the Persian empire.


300 BC

. Aristotle was a greek philopsher.Aristotle tutored alexander the Great. Still to day his amazing philophiseis are used


287 BC - 212 BC

Roman Ideas and Inventions

Emporor Constatine

275 BC

Marcus Aurilies

26 AD


129 AD - 200 AD

Alexandria, Egypt


460 BC

Lighthouse Of Alexandria

283 B.C - 246 BC

Library of Alexandria

200 BC

The Library of Alexandria made in Alexandrria egypt was very helpful to people and it spread knowledge to diffrent people. Started in about 200 BC. Also it was demolished .

Pliny the Elder

23 AD

Wrote many books in the library of alexandra. Most on Natrul History. He had alot they say 37 volumes of books