RR Classical Europe


Greek Ideas and Inventions

Greek Mythology

2500 BC

7 Wonders of The Ancient World

2500 BC


2500 BC

Trojan War

1000 BC

Helena fled her hometown to go live live with her love Paris. Helena's husband got jelouse and attacked the Trojans. Helena's hometown warriors built a big wooden horese and climbed inside. They then rolled the horse to outside Trojan. The Trojans thought it was a gift and brought it in. Then all the warriors got out and attacked the Trojan. Therefore "Be were Greeks bearing gifts."

Homer The Poet

800 BC - 700 BC

Homer the poet was a greek poet. Many of his poems were inspired by the Trojan war.

Greek Theatre

600 BC


580 BC

The Greek Columns

570 BC


477 BC - 399 BC


460 BC - 380 BC

Hippocrates was a Greek philosopher. He did medical work. His work was taken into the Library of Alexandria.


400 BC


287 BC - 212 BC

Rchimedes was a Greek philosopher who created the screw pump. The screw pum was invented so water could be brought up hill.


129 BC

Roman Ideas and Inventions

Hadrien's Wall

120 AD

Hadrien was Roman Emperor. To make sure otherrn boundry didnt attack he built a wall

Marcus Aurelius

121 AD


275 AD

Alexandria, Egypt

Pharos Light House Of Alexandria

283 BC - 246 BC

Library Of Alexandria

200 BC

Pliny The Elders

23 AD


100 AD