Untitled timeline


storming bastille

July 14, 1789

the angry mob stormed the Bastille for weapons

great fear

July 15 1789

the fear the king would acted bad on them

estates general

July 17, 1789

the king approve the estates general meeting in 1788 an the meet happened 1789 to meet about the tax

financial crisis starts

July 17, 1789

France was in financial crisis by borrowed money for wars and the kings lavishly on his home at the time

creation of national convention

July 17 1789

the leader that made declaration of the rights of man and of the citizen an the revolution

tennis court oath

July 17 1789

the first move of the revolution an leads to declation of the rights of man and of the citizen

declaration of the rights of man and of the citzen

august 1789

the right that the revolution is for

creation of the national convention

august 10 1792

it took away from how the declaration of the rights of man and of the citizens as the group took extreme action

execution of louis xvl

january 21 1793

these event help citizens get over the bad rule of kings an show the end of monarchy in france

counter revolution

june 1793

these event happend an lead to the reign of terror an thats did not supports tne citizen as many were killed

napoleon rise to power

july 1793

that happend after napoleons first victory an that help the citizens as napoleon brings pace an order to france

reign of terror

July 2, 1793 - July 1, 1794

every citizen was afraid because many were killed that goes against the citzens

napoleonic reforms


the reforms help france an the peoples economics

invasion of russia

june 1812

the event was of napoleons lost an that does not help the people but make the debt more

exile to elba


the event show loss of napoleon an being exile an that does not help the people because he no longer in power

congress of vienna

june 1815

this made napoleon empire small a made the people of France less powerful

battle of waterloo

june 18 1815

the battle was the loss of napoleon an show french he could not lead one army at the 3 armys