Untitled timeline


Financial crisis

1776 - 1796

during the revolutionarry war for hte americas the french were in aheavy debt at the king could find no way of reform and this is one of the majoir causes of the french revolution becouse the tax burden was put on

Important Actions of the National Convention

1789 - 1794

they voted to kill the king of France

Estates General

May 5, 1789 - May 28, 1789

the three eseate leaders meet at the kings place versailles were they talked about tax reforme and the third estate was locked out of the meeting room.

Creation of National Assembly

6/10/1789 - 1791

a meeting of the third estate making radical move and calling themselves the national Assembly for the "people" and not the third estate

Tennis Court Oath

17 June 1789 - 20 June 1789

the 577 members of the third estate were locked out of the meeting room and moved their meeting to the tennis courts of Versailles and 576 singed pledge that was an oath.

Storming the bastille.

july 14, 1789 - july 15, 1789

A mob of parisians stormed it looking for weapons to defend themselves.

declaration of the rights of of man of the citizen

07/15/1789 - 07/16/1789

the declaration states that all men have rights that are god given and cant be taken away by any other man. this rights include men are born and will remain free, also life liberty securety and resistance to oppression.

The great fear

july 17 1789 - july 18 1789

when king louie sent troops to paris and started the storming the bastille the people of paris went into a fear for their lives than the fear spread to the country side and soon the hole country.

Declaration of the Rights of Man and the Citizen

7/23/1789 - 2012

defends the rights of all men this includes freedom liberty, security, and Resistance to oppression. this is like the american declaration but worded a little differently.

Creation of Convention

Sept. 20, 1792 - 1800

the National assembly split into two major factions the moderate Girondins and the radical Jacobins creating the national convention. the convention went against the the decoration of the rights of men because the radical side would execute people for believing what they want .

Execution of LouisXVI

17 January 1793 - 1/21/1793

king Louis xvi was voted to be excited by vote of 361 to 288 and was put to death by guillotine on January 21 1793. this does not go ageist the decoration or the rights of men because the king was the reason the revolution happened.