French rev.


Napoleon’s Rise to Power

1769 - 1821

Napoleon's rise to power started in 1769 and ended in 1821. What had happened in those years Napoleon successfully waged

Financial Crisis of 1787-1789

August 1788 - may 1789

King Louis XVI declares that the Estates-General will meet in May 1789 to address the financial crisis.

Counter revolution

1789 - 1815

France was alarmed of the increasing of violence of the governments of Prussia, Austria, Great Britain, Spain, and Russia.

Estates General

May 5 1789 - May 31 1789

the Estates General were opened by the King. the third Estate was represented by Maximilian de Robespierre, a young and promising lawyer from the North of France.

Creation of National Assembly

June 17 1789 - July 1789

it was the name of the revolutionary assembly formed by the third estate, thereafter (until replaced by the Legislative assembly on September 30, 1791

Tennis Court Oath

June 20, 1789

Since 1614 the estates-General had not been assembled, they assembled in 1789. On July 14 the parisians mobilized and stormed the Bastille.

Storming Bastille

July 9 1789

the third estate and their allies formed the national constituent assembly charged with restructuring the french political system.

Great Fear

July 14, 1789

the Parisian rabble seized the Bastille. In the provinces the peasants rose against their lords.

Declaration of the Rights of Man and the Citizen

August 26, 1789

the "Declaration of the Rights of Man and of the Citizen" were passed by the National Assembly.

Creation of National Convention

september 20, 1792 - October 26, 1795

Anti-revolution European coalition the girondins by the popular insurrection of may 31 to June 2, 1793

Important Actions of the National Convention

September 20,1792 - November 2,1795

Brumaire of the year IV under the French Republican Calender. original convection included Maximilien.

Execution of LouisXVI

January 21 1793

The French National Convention sentenced king Louis XVI to be executed by guillotine in the place de la revolution in pairs.

Reign of Terror

September 5, 1793 - July 28, 1794

During the French Revolution the Reign of Terror was a period of violence of one another. Death by guillotine (2,639).

Important Napoleonic Reforms

1799 - 1815

In 1799-1815, Napoleon's ultimate downfall forces that the Revolution had unleashed and Napoleon accelerated.

Invasion of Russia

June 24, 1812 - December 14, 1812

Napoleon took his forces a crossed the Neman River, the Russian invasion of Poland was removed. about half a million strong the Grande Armée marched through Western Russia.

Exile to Elba

1813 - 1814

The emperor of France had one of the best leaders abdicates the throne and in the treaty of Fontainebleau is banished to the Mediterranean island of Elba

Congress of Vienna

September 1814 - June 1815

The objective of the congress was to settle the many issues arising from the French Revolutionary Wars.

Battle of Waterloo

June 18, 1815

Napoleon did not go into battle until noon of June 18, 1815. the Mont-Saint-Jean escarpment, withstood repeated attacks by the French.