French revolution


financial crisis


A time that the French dug themselves into a big whole of debt. Mainly from the King and the American revolution.

Estates General


Meeting of 3 different estates. society had been divided.

Napoleon’s Rise to Power

1789 - 1804

During the revolution Napoleon was an artillery officer. Eventually he ranked up and defeated the Australians. In his later years he became a ruler of France.

Tennis Court Oath


memorable event in the beginning of the french revolution
actually took place on tennis court

great fear


rumor of the king overthrowing the third estate

Storming Bastille


was church, became prison

declaration of the rights

8/20/1789 - 8/26/1789

Document of human rights

Creation of National Assembly


body constituted by the french

Counter revolution

1792 - 1797

Counterrevolution was a group of people who formed their own revolution and were apposed to the French Revolution.

National convention

1792 - 1795

National Convention was the beginning of the legislature of France.

Reign of Terror

1793 - 1794

A time period during the French Revolution when Thousands of people had been executed.

Execution of LouisXVI


Execution of the king of france, took place at the Place de la Révolution (Revolution square)