MM Classical Europe


Greek Ideas and Inventions

Greek Mythology

2500 BC

Trojan War

1500 BC - 1200 BC

started at a wedding feast. Menelaus was married to Helen but Helen met Paris, and fell in love. Went off with him to Troy . Menelaus was mad and his brother grabbed a Greek army to get Helen back from Paris. They biult a horse and some warriors got in it. Then the Trojans left the horse inside Troy wothoiut knowing about the warroirs. Wen the trojans were asleep the warroirs opened the gate for the others ansd took Helen back. They burned Troy


800 BC

wrote poems or epics. Most famous for Iliad and Odyssey. You can still read them today. He wrote about the Trojan War. Stuff that happened in that war, he made into epics.


776 BC

started in Greece. Then people played gamews and sports to have some family time. After time they changed it into a compitition, and to bring honor to their contrey. They celebrated the skills and talentes of people

Roman Architecture and Colums

700 BC

7 Wonders of the Acient World

600 BC


500 BC

It was a great way to entertain the people and to honor God. They did plays about the Trojan War.


495 BC


447 BC - 432 BC


400 BC

Alexander the Great

343 BC


310 BC - 209 BC

greek astronomer who liveed from abput 310 BC to 230 BC. called Arastarcus of Samos because he ,ived in the island of Samos.


209 BC

Roman Ideas and Inventions

Emporer Constantine

337 BC - 307 BC

Marcus Aurclius

121 AD


129 AD

Alexandria, Egypt

Library of Alexandria

300 BC

Pliny the Elder

23 AD - 79 AD

Hero of Alexandria

100 AD


100 AD