MC Classical Europe


Greek Ideas and Inventions

Greek Mythology

2500 BC

Trojan War

1500 BC

Was a war over a girl and the greek used the stradigie of hiding inside a wooden horse and then jumping out of the horse than attacking.This helped us with clever war stradigies.


776 BC

Olympics were created to get toghether with family and watch people play sports.As time went by it became a competition and still continues today.

7 Wonders Of the Acient World

600 BC


550 BC

Originally created to honor thier gods. Was cleverly constructed so it could transmit sound to any seat in the audience. The three main parts were the stage, orchestra, and audience.
Was a very entertaining and was great to hold ceremonys in.


495 BC


470 BC


447 BC


400 BC


400 BC

Alexander The Great

333 BC

Library of Alexandria

300 BC

The Library of Alexandria held the knowledge of the Greek.
It got burned down in a fire from an attacker. The tried to rescue as much as they could but many things were lost.


200 BC


24 AD

Roman Ideas and Inventions

Architecture and Colunms

700 BC

Marcus Aurelius

121 AD

Emperor Constantine

306 AD

Emperor Constantine was a Roman emperor. Before he was leader people killed christians. When he was leader he married a christian and put a stop to killing them.

Alexandria, Egypt

Pharos Light house

283 BC

Pliny The Elder

23 AD

Hero of Alexandria

100 AD


100 AD