A.A. Classical Europe

Greek Ideas and Inventions

Greek Mythology

2500 B.C.

Trojan War

1500 B.C.


776 B.C.

7 Wonders of the Ancient World

600 B.C.

Pyramids of Giza, Colossus of Rhodes, Statue of Zeus, The Temple of Artemis, The Hanging Gardens of Babylon, The Mausoleum, and The Lighthouse at Alexandria.


550 B.C.


495 B.C.


447 B.C.


400 B.C.


400 B.C.


310 B.C.

Greek Astronomer who was the first to suggest that the Earth revolved around the Sun. He estimated the size of the Sun, Earth, and Moon. He also found out about stars.


76 A.D.

He built the Temple of Zeus and found two new cities. Hadrian's Wall in Britain was built to stop the Scots.

Roman Ideas and Inventions

Roman Columns and Architeture

700 B.C.


200 B.C.

Pliny the Elder

23 A.D.

Marcus Aurelius

121 A.D.

Aque Ducts

226 A.D.

Emperor Constantine

306 A.D.

Emperor of Rome. Romans disliked Christians, so they would kill them in different ways. When Constantine became Christian, he stopped all the violence.

Alexandria, Egypt

Library of Alexandria

200 B.C.


100 A.D.

Some of his findings are that the Earth was a sphere and was not a moving planet.

Hero of Alexandria

900 A.D.