MM Classical Europe


Greek Ideas and Inventions

Greek Mythology

2500 BC

They were the creation of the Greek gods and they are the oldest so far.

Trojen War

1500 BC

A girl fell in love with someone and then there was war


776 BC

This activity brought together the finest athletes to compete against each other.


700 BC

Homer was a poet.

7 Wonders of the Ancient World

600 BC

There were the Pyramids of Giza, Colossus of Rhodes, Statue of Zeus, The Hanging Gardens of Babylon, Mausoleum, and the Lighthouse of Alexandria.


550 BC

Built to honor the gods and people would preform there, or give speeches.


447 BC

The place was a military center.


400 BC

The place was on a hill, to hanner Athena.

Alexander the Great

343 BC

He was a philosopher and he concord the Persian Empire.


310 BC

Had the thought that the earth revolved around the sun.


209 BC

Compound pulleys and levers


200 BC

He did medical works and found discoveries about medicine.

Roman Ides and Inventions


600 BC

These came from west Asia and they made our buildings taller.


500 BC

He founded two cities. Also Hadrian's Wall in Britain was made to stop the Scots.

Pliny the Elder

23 AD

He was a Roman author, philosopher, and he wrote books about Roman history. Also 37 volumes of natural science.

Marcus Aurelius

121 AD

He was a philosopher and an emperor.

Emperor Constantine

306 AD

Before he came people were killing the Christians and the he became the emperor and stopped this because he became a Christian.

Alexandria, Egypt

Library of Alexandria

300 BC

This place stored all kinds of knowledge and then it got burned down and most of the knowledge was lost.

Hero of Alexandria

100 AD

He was a scientist and he thought of the steam engine.


100 AD

Scientist who refused that the earth was a moving planet. He also knew about gravity and that the world was round and sphere.