Lizzie Green's Timeline

Family Memories


July 5, 2000

This memory is significant because July 5, 2000 was day one in the lives of both myself and my twin brother Anthony. We were also my parents first children making this memory even more special for them.

Lookouts-Special Education Baseball Game

May 2006

The day that my brother Anthony played in his first baseball game was very exciting for my family. All of us were so proud of him for putting his disabilities aside and being a team player.

Personal Memories

Preschool Graduation

June 2005

The day I graduated preschool was very important to me because it was the day I felt that I was truly ready for more challenges and independent learning situations in the years to come.

First Time Camping at Baxter State Park

August 2005

The first time I went camping at Baxter State Park was an important memory to me because I got to spend time with my family while gaining knowledge about the wilderness and aha goes on in nature beyond Marblehead.


August 2007

In the many times I have gone tubing I have created tighter bonds with my friends while also having a great time. We always laugh and joke around with each other placing bets on who will fall in first.

Enrolling in Boston Ballet School

September 2009

This is one of the most important memories in my life. By enrolling in the Boston Ballet School I have made many lifelong friendships and have also gained knowledge in discipline and etiquette. It is one of the best decisions I have ever made.

Frosting Fight with Sofia

February 2012

My frosting fight with Sofia was a fun memory that we will always joke about. Now we always bake cupcakes and have so much fun doing so.

World Events

Hurricane Sandy Hits Massachusetts

October 2012

Hurricane Sandy hitting Massachusetts impacted me greatly and made me feel very grateful that my community had not been as greatly affected as others.

Sandy Hook Shooting

December 2012

The tragic shooting at the Sandy Hook Elementary School made me be more aware of the type of people that exist in this world. It made me feel very fortunate that our town wasn't affected. I also have felt very sympathetic for those who were affected.


February 2013

The day that Nemo hit Marblehead was very fun and exciting because our town hadn't seen so much snow in years. I think that it brought back the winter spirit in Marblehead.