Anne Frank


Civil war ended

July 18, 1936 - 28 March 1939

The Spanish Civil War ended, Madrid surrenders; General Franco in Madrid.

Coalition against Hitler

8 March 1939 - 22 March 1939

Stalin ask for coalition against Hitler, Chamberlain refused, maybe Neville was right?

Great Britain and France

April 1939 - April 1940

Great Britain and France guarantee the armed help to Greece and Romania, should they be attacked by Germany or Italy. Formal Anglo-French guarantees are presented to Poland.

Roosevelt ask Hitler and Mussolini to stop the violence

14 April 1939 - 14 April 1941

Roosevelt ask Hitler and Mussolini to stop the violence and make a proposal to hold a conference.

China's War

May 1939 - March 1944

From May to September 1939 Japan and the Soviet Union fought a fierce, large-scale undeclared war on the Mongolian plains that ended with a decisive Soviet victory with two important results: Japan reoriented its strategic emphasis toward the south, leading to war with the United States, Britain, and the Netherlands; and Russia freed itself from the fear of fighting on two fronts, thus vitally affecting the course of the war with Germany.
The second stage of China's War of Resistance Against Japan stretched from the Suizao Campaign of May 1939 to the Changde Campaign of March 1944. In this stage, everyone was in the war together. From the cities to the villages, the whole of society was mobilized.

Field Marshall

January 1941 - 10 January 1941

Field Marshall Sir Harold Alexander is appointed Commander of the British I Corps, Burma.

Conference at Berghof

16 January 1941 - 23 January 1941

Adolf Hitler and Benito Mussolini hold a conference at Berghof.

Fight in North-Africa

20 January 1941 - 18 May 1941

After successfull fight in North-Africa, British troops were sent to East-Africa with Indian and South Afican (from Kenya) forces invade Abessinie, Eritrea and Somaliland and dislodge the Italians.

German Africa Crops

30 March 1941 - 30 May 1941

The German Africa Corps (Rommel) launches a counteroffensive at El-Agheila in the Cyrenaica (Libya) against British forces in Egypt.
All German and Italian merchantman-ships seized in the USA.


23 January 1945 - 8 May 1945

Evacuation transports of 2.000.000 Germans from East- and West Pruisen.