Stephany and Faith


Hitler starts convincing

January 4, 1939

Hitler predicts in a speech to the [Reichstag" that a war in Europe would lead to "the annihilation of the Jewish race in Europe]("The) destruction of the Jews", "Auswanderung oder Evakuierung".

Westplatte surrenders

September 1939

After days of naval bombardment and the landing of assault troops, the Westplatte garrison surrenders.

Gas masks

March 10,1940

At the beginning of the war a gas attack was greatly feared; the government issued everyone with gas masks to be carried at all times. As the threat receded, the masks became a nuisance rather than a need, but nevertheless had to be carried throughout the war. Gas drill was a regular feature of air raid precaution training and practice.

Scharnhorst and Geisenau fleet norway

July 8,1940

The battlecruisers Scharnhorst and Geisenau leave Kiel with orders to intercept the Allied evacuation fleet from Norway.

Meeting in Berghof

January 5,1941

(18 till 23 January). Adolf Hitler and Benito Mussolini hold a conference at Berghof.

Holocaust Start's

November 4,1941

Nazi extermination camps begin full operation. These include Auschwitz, Bamberg, Bergen-Belsen, Buchenwald, Chelmno, Jena, Sobibor and Treblinka. Over 2.600.000 Polish Jews are among those killed during the course of the war. Over 12.000 people would be killed daily at Auschwitz alone. By 1945 nearly 6 million Jews and more than 3 million Communists, gypsies, socialists and other dissidents will be exterminated

Netherlands at Balikpapan

April 12,1942

The Netherlands destroys oil refinery at Balikpapan, Borneo.

Japanese captures Borneo

November 15,1942

Japanese troops capture Borneo oil fields.
Allies lose Benghazi and halt German advance at the Gazala line.

Germany fights with Italy

September 1943

(till 26 September). Fight between German and Italian troops at Korpoe, the whole Italian Army 7.000 men killed by the Germans.

Russia Surrender's

December 4,1943

Russia requires surrender German 6th Army.
Begin of the liquidation of German troops in Stalingrad of troops from Armygroup "Don front", General Rokossowky. Fighting during the battle of Stalingrad was bitter and exhausting.

Hitler Raids

January 1944

The first of Hitler's raids, 270 German aircraft, on London and southern England. The mission is a failure; 96 aircraft reach targets. Thereby, about 700 RAF bombers have made raids on Berlin, Kiel and Magdeburg.

Soviet Union against bulgaria

September 5, 1944

The Soviet Union declares war on Bulgaria.

Allied air forces working in holland

January 1, 1945

Operation 'Bodenplatte'. In Europe Allied air forces operating from airfields in Holland, Belgium and northern France are surprised by a sudden attack by more than 800 diverse aircraft which the Luftwaffe has assembled from all possible locations, despite their loss of 50 many in recent weeks. The motley collection is flown by novices who are led to their targets by the few remaining skilled pilots. The Allies lose 300 aircraft but can replace these quickly; the Luftwaffe count is just over 200. These, and their pilots, are irreplaceable and the action has rendered the Luftwaffe almost powerless in the west.
Communistic "Comité of Lublin" provisional Government in Polen, for the time being.

Trials begin

November 20, 1945

The Nuremberg Trials begin with 21 leading Nazi officials in the dock including Goering, Donitz, Raeder, Jodl and Keitel. The event discloses to the world the horror of the Nazi regime; Rudolf Hess, who had been an SS- Obergruppenfuhrer, gives appalling details of the systematic mass murder at Auschwitz. The trails continue until October 1946.