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hitler gives a speech

January 1939

Hitler predicts in a speech to the [Reichstag" that a war in Europe would lead to "the annihilation of the Jewish race in Europe]("The) destruction of the Jews", "Auswanderung oder Evakuierung".

Japanese troops occupy Hainan Island.

February 1939

Japanese troops occupy Hainan Island.

Japan and the Soviet Union fought a fierce, large-scale undeclared war

May 1939

From May to September 1939 Japan and the Soviet Union fought a fierce, large-scale undeclared war on the Mongolian plains that ended with a decisive Soviet victory with two important results: Japan reoriented its strategic emphasis toward the south, leading to war with the United States, Britain, and the Netherlands; and Russia freed itself from the fear of fighting on two fronts, thus vitally affecting the course of the war with Germany.
The second stage of China's War of Resistance Against Japan stretched from the Suizao Campaign of May 1939 to the Changde Campaign of March 1944. In this stage, everyone was in the war together. From the cities to the villages, the whole of society was mobilized.

japanese troops

1 January 1942

Japanese troops entered Manila twenty-six nations sign the Declaration of the United Nations.

The netherlands

25 January 1942

The Netherlands destroys oil refinery at Balikpapan,Borneo Japanese troops landed in New Britain, Borneo, New Ireland and on the Solomons Islands.
The first American troops arrives at Northen-Ireland.

The attempt on Heydrich

27 May 1942

The attempt on Heydrich. The "Gestapo" execute 1331 Czech. Nazi terror chief Reinhard Heydrich is fatally wounded in an assassination attempt by the resistance of Czech in Prague. He will die on 4 June and reprisals will be launched against the town which has harboured his killers.

The 25th infantry

10 January 1943

The 25th Infantry Division begins the largest and final offensive on Guadalcanal; the Americans outnumber the Japanese by more than 3 to 1. Desperate attempts to resupply the Japanese by surface ships are hampered by US PT boats.

Japanese forces evacuate

9 February 1943

Japanese forces evacuate Guadalcanal, the Solomon Islands. Again 2.000 Japanese men leave Guadalcanal on 9 February, a total of more than 12.000. The loss of the island is a major blow to Japanese morale, they have lost about 10.000 men, but their fighting resistance has cost many US troops and much US strategic effort which, if repeated on every other Pacific island of this size, would prolong the war.

A convoy of aircraft

18 April 1943

A convoy of aircraft leave Sicily to resupply the Axis forces in Tunesia. More than half of the aircrafts are shot down by Allied fighters and those who arrive are short of requirements. Hitler agrees to Mussolini's plea for Italian II Corps to returned from the Russian front.
American P-38s from the 13th Air Force launched from Guadalcanal, flew to Bougainvillea and shot down Admiral Isoroku Yamamoto plane and killing him.

First Allied attacks on Monte Cassino

12 January 1944

First Allied attacks on Monte Cassino. The battle raged from 12 January till 18 May with heavy Allied losses.
Allied Forces resume attacks at the run aground Italian front.
Cassino formed the focal point of the Gustav Line, the strongest German defences south of Rome.