Events Leading to the civil war


Missouri Compromise

1820 - 1857

The Missouri Compromise was made to please pro-slavery and anti slavery forces.

The Abolition movement

1830 - 1865

People that were determined to end slavery at any cost.

The Mexican-American war

1846 - 1848

The war started and ended to gain land, specifically California.

The fugitive slave act

1850 - 1862

This act convicted people that help slaves escape, to pay a fine and goal to jail for a small period of time.

Uncle toms cabin

1852 - 2013

Harriet Beecher wrote this anti-slavery book , to "help lay out the groundwork for the civil war.

The republican party

1854 - 2013

This party was created in favor of the south

The Kansas-Nebraska act

1854 - 1856

This act was suppose to bring compromise to the country between the south and north. But instead it divided the country even more

Bleeding Kansas

1856 - 1861

A war that happens because of the south wanting Kansas to be a slave state, and the north wanting it to be a free state.

The Dred Scott decision


A slave tried to sue his owner because since he is in a free state he thinks that he is free.But the judges say that because he is a slave he cant sue also that a slave is a slave no matter were they are. This angered the north.

John Browns raid on Harper ferry


John brown created a revolt against slave owners, He is known as the " Meteor that sparked the war."

The Election of 186o


The election that Aberham Lincoln won. This would cause the south to secede from the union.

Civil War

1861 - 1865

The war between the United states and the confederate states

The bombing of fort sumner


The south bombed the northern facilities telling them to leave

The creation of the confederate states


These states were states that seceded from the union to become a country. Mainly the south.