Little Miss 1565


Hartford Circus Fire

July 6, 1944

168 people were killed, 700 injured. Little Miss 1565 was unburied from the remains of the big top and rushed to the hospital. She died 3 hours later.

Sarah Graham is her Name!

July 20, 1987

An anonymous note was left on Little Miss 1565's grave stating that "Sarah Graham is her Name! 7-6-38 DOB, 6 years, Twin." Other notes were left on graves nearby, all with the same last name. This was proved inaccurate, as there were no Sarah Grahams born in on July 6th, 1938.

Little Miss 1565 becomes Eleanor Emily Cook

March 8, 1991

Rick Davey published "A Matter of Degree: The Hartford Circus Fire and Mystery of Little Miss 1565" claiming that Little Miss 1565 was Eleanor Emily Cook from Massachusetts.

Little Miss 1565 is reburied


Little Miss 1565 is uncovered from her original burial spot, in the Northwood Cemetery and buried next to her brother, Edward Cook.

Who is Eleanor? 1565 or 1503?


Stewart O'Nan publishes "The Circus Fire: A True Story of an American Tragedy", claiming that Little Miss 1565 is NOT Eleanor. The hair color, dental records, height and face shape did not match up. Instead, he believed Eleanor was body 1503, a child burned beyond recognition.