randy timeline leading to civil war


Missouri Compromise

1820 - 1857

A line on the 36 30 latitude line that prohibited slavery in the north.

The Dred Scott Decision

1847 - 1857

It was a decision by the US Supreme Court and it said that the government couldn't regulate slavery in the territories. It also said black people weren't protected by the Constitution and they were not US citizens.

The Republican Party

1854 - 2013

The Republican Party was created by people in the north that were committed to stopping expansion of slavery into the territories.

The election of 1860

1859 - 1860

Abraham Lincoln was voted to be the president of the US.

The Civil War

1861 - 1865

The war fought between the Confederacy and the Union.

Creation of Confederate States


Most southern states seceded from the US making a little "country" called the Confederacy.