Events Leading to the Civil War

Jack Wasielewski February 12, 2013 Period: 5


The Missouri Compromise


Compromise that put all land above the Missouri compromise line was free and all of it below was slave.

The Abolition Movement

1830 - 1865

Movement that lasted 35 years devoted to the abolition of slavery.

The Fugitive Slave Act


Law that was passed that declared that fugitive slaves could be returned to their rightful owners in the South.

Uncle Tom's Cabin


Written by Harriet Beecher Stowe and was a bestseller in the United States.

The Republican Party


Political Party that runs against the Democratic Party and leaned more towards the eventual abolition of slavery.

The Dred Scott Decision


Case that led the Missouri Compromise being unconstitutional and that blacks could never be citizens of the united States.

John Brown's Raid on Harper's Ferry


Attempted slave revolution conducted by John Brown that led to his capture.

The Election of 1860


Presidential election that Abraham Lincoln won that led to the secession of South Carolina

The Bombing of Fort Sumter


Battle that started the Civil War of the United States of America when Confederate troops attacked.

The Creation of the Confederate States


The states that seceded from the Union and created a separate country and Constitution.