Untitled timeline


The original Ku Klux Klan was started in the South.

1865 - 1900

Extended into almost every southern state by 1870 and aimed at stopping establishment o political and economic equality for blacks by using terror tactics. they began to decline in the early 19th century.

KKK rebirth


The new KKK continued must of its old practices by coming alive in the night and terrorizing towns to advocate white supremacy. With the Klans revival, they moved beyond just targeting blacks, and broadened to a hate of Catholics, Jews and foreigners of any kind. The secret group was no longer limited to poor citizens, but now open to more middle-class civilians. before the 1920's the membership ranged from three million to as high as eight million Klansmen.

Ku Klux Klan 2


William Joseph Simmons reincarnated the Ku Klux Klan on Thanksgiving with a group of 6 college students dressed the the traditional white robes. Hes know for adding the known icon of the burning cross. The new clan came about right when the United States was fighting large flow on immigration.

19th Amendment


in Auguset of 1920, the 19th Amendment was added to the United States constitution granting the right to vote for women. Warren G. Harding wins presidential election. National Negro Baseball League founded by Rube Foster.

The Tulsa Race Riot


In summer of 1921 in Tulsa Oklahoma, an extreeme outbreak of the KKK lynching African Americans occured for almost an entire month.

Hiram Evans becomes imperial leader of the KKK


Known as "Imperial Wizard"

Dyer Anti-Lynching Bill


The Dyer Anti-Lynching Bill, which would have made law officers be fined for allowing Negroes to be lynched, failed in the senate. The bill had three parts. First, it punished state and police officers who failed to do their duty in protecting the lives of citizens from mobs. Second, the act punished the criminals involved in the lynching by prosecution. Third, the act compensated, by about $10,000 to the family, or to the United States.



Women created their own KK orginization, which was very much alike the men's KKK, however they stood for diffrent things. the WKKK wanted separation of church from state when crusading, they were against Roman Catholic political influence, and wanted "the purity of race" in seeking racial segregation and restricted immigration.

Parade through DC


Parade on Pennsylvania Avenue in Washington DC which they marched right past the Capital in lines of eighteen or twenty, solidly shoulder to shoulder



1930 Two negroes accused of killing two whites are dragged from jail and lynched by mob numbering thousands.

Decline of KKK


The clan has been disbanded many times but the decline of the second KKK was due to corruption within the leadership.Also they were under investigation from the IRS for tax evasion and many member left. the Klan dissolved for the second time.