Early Midevil Europe Yoss


merovingian period

450 CE - 750 CE

Named for early ruler Merowig,accepted Christianity

Clovis became Fankish king

481 CE

clovis accepts christianity

496 CE

Frankish power decline

700 CE

Power moved from the King to the Mayor of the Palace

Charles Martel becomes mayor of the palace

714 CE

named charles the hammer for military strengths

Charles Martel Defeated the Muslims at the Battle Of Tour

732 CE

Muslims never returned to europe again, sustained christian growth

Pepin the Short becomes king

750 CE

Strengthens ties to christianity

Feudalism takes hold in northern france

900 CE

Centralized Government
Serf —> Knights —> Lords —> King

Feudalism Takes Hold in the Rest of Europe

1050 CE


Charlemagne becomes king

768 CE

Charlemagne defends Rome

800 CE

He protected Rome against power hungry nobles,Pope Leo is so grateful he crowns him King

Charlemagne dies

814 CE

he was buried in his capitol, Aachan

Treaty of Verdum

843 CE

Charlemagne’s 3 feuding grandsons divided the Frankish Empire into 3 parts Charles the Bald took the western part,present day France
Louis the German took the eastern part,present day Germany
Lothair,who became the Holy Roman emperor,took a strip in the middle stretching from the North Sea to Italy