My Timeline


Israel(Grandpa) is born

February 12, 1937

In Russia

Anya(grandma) is born

June 13, 1943

Warsaw, Poland

Stewart(dad) is born

March 9, 1945

Chicago, Illinois

Lora(mom) is born

November 2, 1967

Jaffa, Israel

Grandparents came to USA


Jennifer(oldest sister) was born

September 10, 1969

Highland Park

Kerry(brother is born)

July 29, 1987

Highland Park

Allison(sister) is born

March 22, 1989

Highland Park

Alex(sister) is born

December 10, 1990

Hoffman Estates

Eli(brother) is born

February 9, 1994

Hoffman Estates

Mom and dad met


Worked together at Zebra Company

mom and dad got married


My baby naming

January, 2001

Zoe(me) is born

January 9, 2001

Highland Park

My 1st Birthday

January 9, 2002

My first time(of many!) performing


I played the sad clown:)

My first time going to a Jewish overnight camp

August, 2012

Camp Chi