Important events and dates


First Use of the compass in china

300 BC

First recorded use of the compass

Ptolemy writes Geography (100 A.D)

100 AD

Ptolemy writes his book, Geography.

Roger Bacon writes about everything (1266 A.D.)


people need to underdstand the physical reality of the world, to face real challenges

Byzantine Scholar, Planudes finds Geograpy (1300)


recreates maps through Lat. and Long.

Chysoloras brings geography with him to florence to teach greek (1397)


brings geography and planudes maps

Events that Influence in Time

Medival Map makers use maps to show religious beliefs (700 AD-1200AD)

700 AD - 1200 AD

compass is brought and used in Europe (1100-1400)

1100 - 1400

Marco Polo travels and Uses the compass (1271-1295)

1271 - 1295

The Caravel in progress and is created (1300-1500)

1300 - 1500

Jacopo Angeli translates Geography into latin (1406-1409)

1406 - 1409

then it took off around Europe since it was in latin now.

Henry the Nav. explores Africa/ Has his school (1417-1487)

1417 - 1487