World War II

The Beginning of World War II

January 1993, Hitler and Nazis took over power. The core tenet of Nazis ideology was its belief that the Germanic people, the Aryans were the " superior race" of people.

Japan's expanding

September 1931

Japan's rapidly expanding industrial economy required vast imports of raw materials as well as large markets for its finished export goods. The most obvious source of imports and outlet for exports was neighboring China, the world's most populous country.
Japanese forces occupy Manchuria (a very rich piece of land from self-righteous China with pit-coal, iron, copper, lead and gold.) and called it Manchukuo as an independent state, with their President Poe Yi.

Kwantung Army

September 18, 1931

Units of the Japanese Kwantung Army attack the Chinese 7th Brigade at its barracks near Mukden. Japan sought to justify its actions by claiming that a section of the South Manchurian Railway had been sabotaged by the Chinese. In fact, Japanese officials in Tokyo and Manchuria contrived the incident; their objective was to acquire the region's natural resources and obtain strategic position against the Soviet Union. In an effort to have plausible deniability, the Japanese government widely used the term "Kwantung Army" to refer to forces it claimed it couldn't control.


January 9,1932

1932 January 9,
Emperor Hirohito survives an assassination attempt by a Korean nationalist. The official Kuomintang newspaper sided with the assassin, inflaming the Japanese populace.

Korean Nationalist

January 9,1932

Emperor Hirohito survives an assassination attempt by a Korean nationalist. The official Kuomintang newspaper sided with the assassin, inflaming the Japanese populace.

National - Socialisnm

January 30, 1933

1933 January 30,
President Hindenburg, under the sway of the ultra-conservatives, appoints Hitler as Chancellor of Germany, Period of National-Socialismn is begon.
By summer 1932 the political thuggery of the Nazi Party has grow to become the larges group, 230 of the 608 seats in the Reichtstag and within 6 month Hitler is elected Chancellor, exploiting the weakness and bickering among his political rivals. Adolf Hitler became Chancellor of Germany in 1933, which is celebrated by Nazi parades in Berlin. Von Papen and Hitler agree on a coalition with Hitler as its head. Under his leadership the country developed into a ruthlessly aggressive totalitarian state. All forms of democratic government and political opposition were soon swept away. By coercion, repression and propaganda, the National Sozialist Party (NAZI) began to control German life. The Nazis pledged first to restore Germany to its 'rightful' place in Europe, and then to seek world power.

Nuremberg Laws


1935, was when more of the Nuremberg Laws had arrived. Also what had codified Nazis's definition during this time was that if anyone had a least three grandparents you were considered a jew



Up through 1936 the British had been willing to let Jewish refugees to settle within Palestine. Palestine was at that time under British control



Berlin was hosting the Olympic games.Not wishing to alienate public opinion the Nazis soft-peddled its anti-semiti.

Jewish Refugees


Faced with ever mounting hostility from Palestinian Arabs, Great Britain closed Palestine to Jewish refugees in 1937.


November 8, 1938

Jews broke out in anti-semitic violence, an event that was called Kristallnacht. Germany Nazis mobs broke every glass that was in Jewish stores or shops. They looted Jewish apartments, they torched synagogues, and they sent thousands to concentration camps

Three years into World War II

November, 1942

November, 1942 (three years into World War II), the SS began deporting German Jews for execution.