Cambri's Timeline


The Holocaust

1938 - 1945

Adolf Hitler set war for a long time

1938 - 1945

November 10,
Adolf Hitler set the press the task, to prepare the german people for a very long war.

Hitlers predicting speech

1939 - 1945

January 1939,
Hitler predicts in a speech to the [Reichstag" that a war in Europe would lead to "the annihilation of the Jewish race in Europe]("The) destruction of the Jews", "Auswanderung oder Evakuierung".

Food rationing in England

1940 - 1945

8 January
Food rationing in England and France (at 11 Januari). Britain introduces ration cards for butter, sugar, bacon and ham.

Germany creates General Council

1940 - 1945

4 January
Germany creates General Council for War Economy under Goering

Successfull fight in North-Africa

1941 - 1945

20 January
(till 18 May). After successfull fight in North-Africa, British troops were sent to East-Africa with Indian and South Afican (from Kenya) forces invade Abessinie, Eritrea and Somaliland and dislodge the Italians.

Claimed victory

1942 - 1945

4 January ,
Chinese claim victory over Japanese at Changsha

Tiger Tank

1943 - 1945

18 January,
The German Tiger tank makes its first appearance in Tunisia.

Bombed Germany

1944 - 1945

15 January
British bombers drop 2.800 tons of bombs on Berlin, Germany


1944 - 1945

9 May
Soviet forces recapture Sevastopol.