Major Events Leading To WWI


Unification of Italy


The Unification was a Nationalist movement which brought together several different Italian peninsula states in a single Italian state

Ems Dispatch


falsified telegram created by Bismarck sent to France to force them to join the Franco-Prussian war, where they were beaten mercilessly.

Unification of Germany


Result of several decades of work, in short, small nationalist states around Germany banded together to form a larger, stronger, central Germany.

The Dual Alliance

1879 - 1918

A defensive alliance between Germany and Austria-Hungary where the two countries pledged to defend each other if either were attacked by Russia

Austro-Serbian Alliance

1881 - 1895

An alliance between Austria-Hungary and Serbia to limit the power of Russian influence in the Balkans

Three Emperors League

1881 - 1887

A very unstable alliance between Alexander II of Russia, Joseph I of Austria-Hungary and Wilhelm I of Germany, although originally created by 1873 by Bismark, it was revitalized and much better documented in 1881

The Triple Alliance

1882 - 1915

A military alliance between Germany, Austria-Hungary and Italy each member promised mutual supported in the event of an attack by any other great power

Austro-German-Romanian Alliance

1883 - 1916

Alliance between Austria-Hungary, Germany and Romania to limit amount of Russian influence in the Balkans

Reinsurance Treaty

1887 - 1894

An attempt by Bismark to continue having Russia as an ally after the League of Three Emperors had fallen.

Franco-Russian Alliance

1894 - 1917

This was a military alliance between France and Russia it stated that if France was attacked by Germany or a German supported Italy, Russia would defend France and if Russia was attacked by Germany or a German supported Austria-Hungary,

Russo-Bulgarian Military Convention

1902 - 1913

An alliance between Bulgaria and Russia to protect Bulgaria against Austria-Hungary

The Entente Cordiale

1904 - 1918

an agreement between Great Britain and France to promote peace and end old disputes between the two great powers

The Anglo-Russian Entente

1907 - 1917

An agreement between Great Britain and Russia that ended old deputes

The Triple Entente

1907 - 1917

An alliance formed between France, Britain and Russia. It was a powerful counter measure to the Triple Alliance of Germany, Austria-Hungary and Italy. It made it certain that Germany would have to wage a two front war

Assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand

June 28, 1914

Ignited the powder keg that was the Balkans and forced Austria-Hungary to declare war on Serbia which brought every major European power into war