French Revolution First phase

Harvests have failed and starvation stalks France, the peasantry are in open and continuing revolt across the country.


Insurrection at Grenoble.

June 1788 - July 1788

Louis XVI convokes État-général

August 1788

Louis XVI convokes État-général on suggestion of former finance minister Jacques Necker, to hear grievances.

Opening of the État-général at Versailles.

May 1789

Armed citizens storm and capture the Bastille.

July 1789

‘Great Fear’ begins as peasants revolt across France.

July 17, 1789

Civil Constitution, subordinating the Church to the civil government.

July 1790

Louis XVI attempts to flee to Varennes but is recognised and returned to Paris.

June 1791

National Guard fires on crowd protesting against restoration of the King.

July 1791