Ashlynn N.


Nannie Little Rose was Born

January 1867

The main character in my book was born this year. (I don't have a month or day.)

Nannie was sent to the white people's school

December 1879

Nannie's dad sent her to a white people's school in Pennsylvania.

The Indian children had to pick new names.

February 1880

The white's thought the Indian names were to hard to say, so they made the children pick new white people names. Nannie was actually Little Rose then she picked the name Nannie.

Nannie's best friend from the Sioux tribe, Pretty Eagle, comes.

March 1880

Pretty Eagle was Nannie's best friend from the Sioux tribe and she came to the white people's school to surprise Nannie.

Nannie's grandfather died.

October 1880

Nannie got a message from her friend back home saying that her grandfather died.

Events in 1879-1880

Battle of Iquique.

May 1879

The Battle of Iquique took place during the War of the Pacific.

First railroad opened in Hawaii

July 1879

The Kahului Railroad Co. founded the first railroad in Hawaii.

First pay telephone was installed.

June 1880

People were excited about this first telephone because they could talk to people far away.

The University of California was founded in Los Angeles.

October 1880

This University is the second oldest of the ten campuses of the University of California system.

Southern University forms

November 1880

Southern University was actually founded in April 1880 but didn't form until November 1880.