Hellenistic Age

Birth and childhood

356 B.C. - 339 B.C.

Born in Macedonia
Son to king Phillip ll
Taught by Aristotle
Loved everything that was Greek
Slept with book Illiad under his pillow at night

Alexander becomes king

336 B.c

Phillip is assassinated
Becomes king of Macedonia

Battle of Granicus

334 B.c.

Belligerents persiaand macedonia outcome:macedonIa victory

Battle of issus

333 B.c.

Belligerents : Persia and Macedonia
Outcome: Macedonian victory

Founding of Alexandria

331 B.c

Library of Alexandria (500,000 scrolls)
Alexander created 20 more cities

Battle of gaugamela

331 B.c

Belligerents:Persia vs Macedonia

Stuck in desert

324 B.c

Alex's troops stuck in the gedrosia desert

Hellenistic era

323 BC - 200 BC

It was period of time when Greek ideas spread across Asia
It started in 323 bc between Alexander the great and ended in 200 bc
It spread mix Greeks ideas with cultures with other countries


323 B.c.

Alex dies in Babylon Plutarch write that he died in Nebuchadnezzar's


Latins Rome

1000 B.C

greeks move into southern Italy

750 B.C - 550 B.C

Greek teaches Romans
1.)grow olives and grapes
2.)Greek aplhebet

The roman republic is formed

509 B.C

The Romans push out the family trains and set up republic leaders are chosen by the public

Plebeians go on strike

494 B.C.

Started counsel of plebs

471 B.C.

Plebeians and patricians were allowed to marry

455 B.C.

Romans unite with other latins

338 B.C

1.)Romans combine with their fellow latins to join forces to take over italy

Council of plebs gained the power to pass for all Romans

287 B.C.

defeat entruscans

284 B.C

Push Greeks out of Italy

267 B.C

1.)become the champs of italy

The first Punic war

264 B.C.

Romans crushed carthages navy

241 B.C.

The battle of cannae

216 B.C.

Macedonia. Came under roman rule

148 B.C

Macedonia came under Roman rule

148 B.C.

Roman finally destroyed its great rival Carthage

146 B.C.

A band of senators even went so far to kill Tiberius

133 B.C.

Three men were on top

60 B.C.

The senate ordered Caesar to give up his army

49 B.C.

Destroyed pompeys army

48 B.C.

Caesars army surrounded him stabbed him to death

44 B.C.

Caesar had declared himself dictator of Rome for life

44 B.C.

Rome crushed Carthage navy


Pelebians and patricians were allowed to marry


Etruscans take over Romans


Etruscans teach Romans:
2.)streets,temples,public buildings around a central square
3.)tomb paintings/murals
4.)servers model for roman military


God tells Moses to free Israellites

1290 B.C.

Moses sees burning bush god tells moses to lead Israelites out of Egypt

10,000 Israelites. Destroy Canaanites

1125 B.C.

Judge Deborah and barrack destroy king jabin and his army to win the hilly region of Canaan

David became king of Israelites

1000 B.C. - 970 B.C.

David was hiding out from Saul

Assyrians take over Israel

722 B.C. - 620 B.C.

Assyrians take out all the Israelites people and scatter them throughout Iraq

Egyptians defeat Assyrians; gain control of Israel

620 B.C. - 605 B.C

Chaldeans defeat Egyptians; take control of Israel

605 B.C. - 597 B.C.

Under chaldean rule; Jews are permitted keep their king, as long as they pay a tax to the Chaldean empire.jews try to rebel against the chaldeans and are severely punished by king Nebuchadnezzar

Persians Defeat Chaldeans; Take over Israel

597 B.C. - 334 B.C

The king of persia allows Jews to return to Israel.some stayin Iraq some return. They are not permitted a king but allowed to be ruled by priests

Macedonians defeat persians; take control of Israel

334 B.C. - 63 B.C.

Rome push out Macedonians; rule Israel

63 B.C - 476 A.D

Hellenistic age is over in the Mediterranean. Roman rule begins.

Jews (zealots) rebel against Rome - Jews rule

66 A.D. - 70 A.D.

Rome conquers Israel again

70 A.D.

Roman punish he Jews. Destroy the temple Jerusalem; all that remains of it today is the western wall

Jews revolt and defeat Romans again.

132 A.D - 135 A.D

Romans conquer Israel again

135 A.D.

As the punishment, Romans do not allow Jews to return to Israel Romans rename the land Palestine


eastern mediterranean

2000 b.c

minoan ships controlled the eastern mediterranean sea

find of a lifetime

1900 B.c

an english archaeoligist by the name of arthur evans made the find of a lifetime

collapsed civilization

1450 B.c

the minoan civilization suddenly collapsed

major power

1400 B.C

the mycenaens replaced the minoans as major power on the mediterranean

in trouble

1200 B.c

the mycenaeans were in trouble

difficult greeks

1100 B.c

were difficult for the greeks

adventerous greeks

750 B.C

adventerous greeks stranded to the coasts of italy france spain north africa and western.

grow grain

700 B.c

farmers could go no longer grow enough grain to feed everyone

mint coins

600 B.c

when the greeks began to mint coins

city states

500 B.c

most city states were smaller