Untitled timeline


Calypso's Island


I think that one always feels trapped. I mean whether it be by a literal cage or a metaphorical cage caused by the things that condem us of this world.

Singing Your Praises


I think the gods would appreciate my ability to read people. With one look at a person I can tell what they are, where they came from, and how they got her. And I can do all of thi most of the time before they even speak one word.

The Journey Begins


My Birth

Down To Hades


If I could talk to one dead person it would be Jesus and I would ask him everything because he has all the answers. I would ask him things like what is the meaning of life and what's heaven like.

The Lotus Eaters


The strangest thing that I have experienced happened to me when I was about four. I woke up and visions of a bridge collapsing and cars thrashed along a creek underneath where the bridge had hung. A few years later I woke up turned on the T.V. and there was the image. Along with a news report describing how a bridge had collapsed earlier that night.



The most loyal person I have ever known is my dog Smash. I remember once he got in the front yard once just as my mom and I were leaving the house and we didn't see him out there. We were gone for four hours and when we returned he was waiting for us right on the porch. In fact he is sitting with me as I type this right now at ten o' clock at night.

Cyclops's Cave


The most narrow escape I have ever had is when I was around 7. I've always had a sort of energy around me, and this energy attracts spirits. I knew this from a young age and I was fine with it, but I had never encountered more than one at a time. And one night there was three or four of them that just appeared in my room. I said my prayers and made a bolt for the door, I escaped without being followed.

Defeat Of The Suitors


Two years ago I played for a youth football league and we made it all the way to the semi-finals. We were supposed to get slaughtered by the team we were playing, but we didn't. We held the other team to twelve points and literally in the last minute of the game we scored and won.

Circe's Advice


The best advice anyone has ever given me is to not think. In life we spend so much time thinking about what we want to do and how we want to acomplish it but we never just do it. So that is the best advice I have ever gotten.

The Trojan Horse


The best idea I have ever had was a few weeks ago in biology. We were taking about cloning and how the newly cloned organisms didn't sustain life very long because of the old cells they were created from. In watching the videos about it I believe I discoverd how to make it work.