Imperialism Timeline


Closing of the frontier/Mahan published the Influence of Sea Power


Census stated there was no more frontier
and Influence of sea power pretty much stated what its title is

Planters stage revolt against native rule in Hawaii


planters revolt against monarchy in favor of the US

General Valeriano places Cuba under martial law


Valeriano pretty much put the people in concentration camps

Cleveland Resolves Venezuelan boundary dispute


Cleveland got involved because of the Monroe Doctrine and settled the dispute

Boxer Rebellian

1898 - 1901

an anti-foreign movement in china by the Righteous Harmony Society, put down by military use

Spanish American War

April 25 1898 - August 25, 1898

war between America and Spain which was ultimately won by the US who ended up with more territory

Platt Amendment


pretty much explained why US was involved with Cuba and gave reasoning for what they did as well as legally state their claims

Roosevelt Corollary to the Monroe Doctrine


Roosevelt said that the US would intervene with any conflicts between European nations and Latin American nations

Russo-Japanese War ends

September 1905

Roosevelt help create a treaty that ended it

Great White Fleet sails around the world

16 December 1907 - 22 February 1909

fleet sails around the world to demonstrate how strong the US Navy was

Completion of Panama Canal


Panama Canal Completed

Senate ratifies Treaty of Versailles, annexes Philippines


ended WWI and the US aquired the Philippines