Europe After the Roman Empire


Rome Collapses


Roman Emperor Romulus Augustus dethroned by barbarians. Rome collapses.


476 - 1200

Feudalism is the form of government present in Europe, beginning around the fall of te Roman empire and ending around 1200.

Clovis Becomes King of the Franks


15 year old warrior Clovis becomes king of the Franks. He led them for 30 years in wars that widened the boundaries of his kingdom.

The Prophet Muhammad is Born


According to the Muslim religion, the prophet Muhammad is born in the year 570 CE.

Muslim Invaders from Spain are Defeated


Mayor Charles Martel defeats Muslim invaders from Spain in the Battle of Tours. As a result, northern Europe remains firmly Christian.

King Pepin Becomes the First King to Rule With the Blessing of the Church


Martel's son, Pepin, becomes the first king to rule with the blessing of the church. At this time, the pope is Pope Zacharias.

Charlemagne's Rule Begins


Charlemagne's rule begins. It will last 48 years.

Viking Attacks

800 - 899

Many Vikings attack occur along the European coast. Alfred the great fended off many of these attacks until his death in 899.

Charlemagne is Crowned Emperor

Dec. 25, 800

Charlemagne is crowned emperor by Pope Leo III after helping defeated a rebellion in Italy

Charlemagne's Death


Charlemagne's death at age 72

Louis the Pious Dies


Charlemagne's son, Louis the Pious, dies. Long before this he and his brothers had been fighting over control of the empire, dividing the empire among them.

Many Jewish Writings are Written and Recorded

900 - 1100

Religious writings, law anthologies, histories, and poetry were written out of Jewish academics of higher learning.

Trade and Town Life Begin to Revive


Products were traded in towns in Europe and countries beyond. The craftspeople found a way to control their own trades.

King William Finalizes Feudalism in England


William orders a survey to be taken of the ownership of all land in England. He then distributes the land among his Norman followers.

Willian's Army Invades England


King William the Conqueror (of France) takes control of England. Using the feudalism system, he divides the lands among followers.