My Timeline


My Great Grandparents Fay and Manuel immigrated to Chicago from Russia

May 1916

My Grandpa Howard was born in Chicago

Jan 20, 1926

My grandma Jackie was born in Chicago

June 23, 1927

My dad Barry was born in Elgin

Jun 13, 1958

My mom Caroline was born in Evenston

March 20, 1959

My parents met in Riverwoods

September, 1998

My parents got married! Glencoe

October 7, 2000

I was born in Chicago!

August 6, 2001

I got my baby naming by the Rabbi


I got stung by 20 bees in the Bahamas


My Grandma died

March, 2003

My brother Landon was born in Chicago!

September 3, 2003

Our first trip to Disney World in Florida

October, 2005