Approach App Design

Create Mock Ups

01/20/2013 - 01/24/2013

Design mock ups for the app in photoshop. Use screenshot from the iPod touch's music app to design the mock ups.

Slides Due to FIA

Jan 27 2013 - Jan 28 2013

Slideshow must be given to the FIA a week before the Pitch

Dress Rehearsal for Pitch

Feb 1 13 - Feb 2 13

Dan Greene reads the pitch to the rest of the group and we decide what edits to make

FIA Pitch

02/04/2013 - 02/05/2013

Present our app idea to the FIA judges. We won the grant and now begin working on our app.

Begin working on basics of app

Feb 8 13 - Feb 13 13

Work on the important features of the app early on to ensure that it is the best way to go about doing the project. For example, I need to make sure that the "contorted play bar" feature is reasonably doable.

Learn how to implement Google Maps API

Feb 10 13 - Feb 15 13

Get audio playback to work w/ contorted playbar

2/15/13 - 2/25/13

Using audio file, app will play the audio and make playback fully controllable (play, pause, stop, scroll through audio) and have the current position represented on both the contorted playbar and the playbar at the top.

place paths on Map interface

2/22/13 - 3/3/13

Get the "Nodes" screen to seamlessly transition to path screen when a node is clicked, have path begin playing and attach path correctly to google maps background.

make user content addable

3/1/13 - 3/15/13

Let users place a text note on the path and have that note pop up when that point on the path is crossed by other users

Design SQL database and set up server for app

3/14/13 - 3/20/13

Make it so that user comments are downloadable from server

Bring all sections of app together into a working product

03/20/2013 - 03/27/2013

Make sure design works seamlessly, that all features work together and the app is basically in beta

Buy Apple Developers License

3/25/13 - 3/27/13

Buy an apple developers license to start testing on real idevices. We will need this for the beta testing but it is also good for me to test it out as well.

Beta Testing

03/27/2013 - 04/08/2013

Select about 15 people to participate in a paid beta program. Use their feedback to fix bugs or change other problems with the app

Implement beta suggestions

4/8/13 - 4/14/13

Use the suggestions that people give me to build a better app

Polish app/ put finishing touches

4/10/13 - 4/18/13

Make the app work as smoothly as possible, add pop up animations to comments, make the interface look modern and polished.

Submit app to app store

4/18/13 - 4/27/13

Apparently it usually takes just over a week to get an app approved to the app store, so we need to keep a lot of cushion in case it takes longer than expected or if we don't pass the first time around

Release the app's source code

4/22/13 - 5/1/13

Put the source code on a place like github and determine how we want to move forward with expanding the app to other groups/ providing a toolbox with the app.

Market app

4/27/13 - 5/10/13

Post about the app on Facebook and Twitter, spend the word around the university and get as many people interested in the app as possible

Submit app a second time if necessary

4/27/13 - 5/6/13

If our app doesn't make it to the app store the first time, we can try again

FIA Final Presentation

5/6/13 - 5/7/13

Present our product to the FIA judges and sponsors

Prepare for Capstone Fair

5/7/13 - 5/9/13

Create a way to make the app moddable

5/9/13 - 6/20/13

Possibly as a downloadable toolbox, or as a website that would generate the code with only a few text/ audio story inputs

Present App at Capstone Fair

5/9/13 - 5/10/13