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Eleanor's Birth

October 11, 1884
  • New York City, New York
  • Daughter of Eliott Roosevelt (younger brother of Theodore Roosevelt (descendant of the prominent Livingstone family)
  • Anna Ludlow Hall (de

Death of her Mother


Mother died of Diphtheria

Death of Father

  • alcoholic Father died from a fall

Consumer League

  • Investigated working conditions in garment factories and department stores


  • Sent to Allenswood (finishing school)
  • In South Fields, England
  • Classes taught in French
  • Was selected headmistress's deputy (was the favorite)

Junior League

  • Leader
  • Taught dancing, literature, & calisthenics (@ Rivington Street Settlement)
  • Visited needy children in slum dwellings

Union with Franklin

March 17, 1905

She was 20 years old and he was 23

Democratic Assemblyman

  • Franklin elected the Democratic assemblyman from Dutchess County
  • Encouraged Franklin to enter politics

Franklin is appointed Assiatant Sec of Navy

January 1913

Eleanor assumed duties of Washington Hostess

Began Working for Red Cross

April 1917

Rose daily (5:00am) to coordinate canteen for soldiers,
after she fought to improve conditions in St. Elizabeth's Hospital for the mentally ill and had daily visits with the Naval Hospital as well

Finds Franklin Cheating

September 1918

Finds him cheating with Lucy Page Mercer,

Active in League of Women Voters

  • Opposed Women Suffrage
  • Drafted laws for equal representation of men and women

Joined Women's Trade Union League

  • Sought for maximum hours and minimum wages for female employees

Todhunter Progressive School

  • Bought school with friend
  • Acted as Vice Principal
  • Fashioned it after her childhood boarding school in England

Chaired Women's Division of Democratic Party


Women's Division of the Democratic National Commitee

  • Organized and Staffed the committee
  • Worked with Mary Dewson to mobilize thousands of female precinct workers

Babies, Just Babies

June 1932
  • Magazine
  • Edited by Eleanor

Radio Programming

  • Her proceeds went straight to American Friends Service Committee
  • She was so popular that by 1939, WNBC dubbed her "The First Lady of Radio"

National Youth Administration

  • Strong advocate for the employment of high school and university students


October 1935
  • Supported sanctions against Italy (that was in the process of invading Ethiopia)

"My Day"

January 1936
  • Began her newspaper column
  • Distributed through United Features Syndicate
  • Addresses political topics by 1939

No-Foreign-War Crusade

  • Was co-chairman
  • Opposing increased armament


  • Contracted by a lecture agency
  • Two tours per year
  • $1000 a lecture (private income)

Ladies' Home Journal

  • she wrote question-and-answer page

Eleanor's Death

November 07, 1962

Hyde Park, New York City, New Yorl