Australian Prime Ministers from 1945-2013 Timeline


Ben Chifley

1945 - 1949

Oversaw Australias recovery for WWII
Encouraged large scale migration to Australia
Tried to nationalise the banks

Francis Forde

6 July 1945 - 13 July 1945

Longest lived Prime Minister in Australia up until 2 years ago
Was only PM for 8 days.

Robert Menzies

1949 - 1966

He is part of the liberal party
Still to this day the longest serving Prime Minister in Australia

Harold Holt

1966 - 1967

He becomes Prime Minister just after Australia committed its first troupes to the Vietnam War.
He overseas referendem,which sees Aboriginals counted as citizens for the first time.
Dies in office (drowns at sea, 1967)

John Gorton

1968 - 1971

He restarted the Australian film industry
Continued to oversea the Vietnam War
He voted himself out of office

Billy McMahon

1971 - 1972

Gough Whitlam

1972 - 1975

Probably the most contriversal Prime Minister in Australia
23 years that labour had been in opposition
He was a lawyer and went to Know Grammar

Malcolm Fraser

1975 - 1983

Bring refugees to Australia from the Vietnam War

Bob Hawke

1983 - 1991

Hawke had been a trade union leader who moved across into politics
He held a world record for alcohol consumption
He floats the dollar
He made significant changes in Aboriginal land rights handing back Uluru to the natives
Gave Australia a higher profile role in international affairs
Longest serving Australian Labour PM in history
Third longest serving Australian Prime Minister

Paul Keating

1991 - 1996

Keating had been Hawkes treasurer
Creating an Australian Republic
Reconciliation with the Aboriginal people
Lost election to John Howard
Keating really didn't like Howard

John Howard

1996 - 2007

Second longest serving Prime Minister in Australia
Gun laws that he introduced
The introduction of the GST

Kevin Rudd

2007 - 2010

Never gets the chance to be in an another election as he is voted out by his own party a few weeks before
Comes in on an agenda
Big issue he is pushing climate change, establishment national broadband network, improved education and health
The GFC sidetracked
Lost the ability to be decisive

Julia Guillard


First female Prime Minister
Lawyer by background
Introduced Carbon Tax
She has led a minority coalition government
She can come across as a bit wish washy