Post War Prime Ministers of Australia


Ben Chifley

1945 - 1949

-Introduced the practice of the federal government collecting income tax
-Oversaw Australia’s recovery from WW2
-Started Snowy Mountain Scheme.

Robert Menzies

1949 - 1966

-Longest serving PM of Australia
-Second time being PM

Harold Holt

1966 - 1967

-Treasurer to Menzies
-Oversees a referendum which sees Aboriginies being counted as citizens for the first time

John Gorton

1968 - 1971

-Restarted Australian film industry
-Continued to oversee vietnam war
-Voted himself out of office

Billy McMahon

1971 - 1972

-Nicknamed "Billy Big Ears"
-1971 - went to the white house

Gough Witlam

1972 - 1975

-Comes into office after labour had been in opposition for 23 years
-Most controversial pm lawyer by background

Malcom Fraser

1975 - 1983

-Brought refugees to Australia from Vietnam war

Bob Hawke

1983 - 1991

-Floats the Australian dollar
-Deregulated the economy
-Made significant changes in aboriginal land rights - handed back uluru to the local people
-Gave Australia a higher profile role in international affairs
-Longest serving labour PM

Paul Keating

1991 - 1996

-Pushed for Australian Republic
-Reconciliation with Aboriginals

John Howard

1996 - 2007

-2nd longest PM
-Gun laws introduced
-Introduction of GST

Kevin Rudd

2007 - 2010

-Comes in on an agenda reform
-Sorry speech
-Big issues he pushed - climate change, establishment of national broadband network, improved education & health
-Downfall - GFC sidetracked him, although he and Malcom Fraser handled it well, lost ability to be desicive, became soft and backed away easily
-Wasn't allowed to stand for re-election

Julia Gillard

2010 - 2013

-current PM
- first femal PM