Historical Fiction

Events from book

Colton is shot


Colton is shot by his dad accidentally, and his dad runs off.

Colton's oxen are butchered


Colton's oxen are butchered without him knowing.

Colton is hired


Colton is hired for the Pony Express.

Colton goes to California

09/27/1860 - 10/02/1860

Colton goes to California to deliver freedom papers to his mom's sister and important mail about a conspiracy to kill Lincoln.

Colton returns from California

11/10/1860 - 11/15/1860

Colton returns from California to go home.

Actual events

Pony Express starts


The first day of the Pony Express.

Pony Express finishes first run


The first mail on the Pony Express reaches California.

Railroad to Kansas


The first railroad reaches Kansas.

First pro golf tournament.

10/17/1860 - 10/21/1860

The first pro golf tournament is held. Willie Park is the winner.

Lincoln is elected


Lincoln is elected the 16th president of the U.S.