20th century conflict (1900-1950)

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first balkan war

1912 - 1913

Belgium, Greece and serbia declared war on the turks

the second bilkan war


at the end of the first was some of the countries weren't happy with the distribution of land

Francis Ferdinand assassinated at Sarajevo

28 june 1914


7/28/1914 - 11/11/1918

terrible war the involved all of the main countries in the world it had millions of casualties

the battle of liege

5 August 1914 - 16 August 1914

the battle of liege was the first battle on land in ww1 when the germans went in to Belgium to attack france

the battle of shaiba

12 april 1915 - 14 april 1915

the battle of shaiba was fort between the British and the ottoman empire ho were trying to retake the town of basra

the battle of gallipoly

25 April 1915 - 9 January 1916

the battle of gallipoly was a mater battle for Australia because it was the first battle they had fort in as a country and how bravely they forte

start of the battle of loos

25 september 1915

the battle was part of marshal joffer's campaignn in Artois that was designed to push back the Germans from there posts in loos

the battle of verdun

21 feb 1916 - 18 December 1916

the battle of verdun was between france and germans on the weston front the French were victories and retook the land they had perviously lost

the battle of the somme

1 july 1916 - 18 november 1916

the battle was fort on both sides of the river somme and was one of the longest battles of the war by the end there was over 1 million casualties

the battle of fromelles

19 july 1916 - 20 july 1916

the battle of fromelles was a pointless washed of life were there were 5000 casualties in 24 hours it was meant to get thegermans to takes there troops from other battles

USA declared war on Germany

6 april 1917

usa declare war on Germany giving new hope to the war

The Treaty of Brest-Litovsk was signed between Russia and Germany.

3 march 1918

The Treaty of Brest-Litovsk brought about the end of the war between Russia and Germany in 1918.

end of ww1

11 november 1918

the germans sined a armistice and finished the war