20th Century War and Conflict (1900-1950) By Sammy

Major wars and conflicts between these times.


Anglo-Aro War

1901 - 1902

The Anglo-Aro War was between Aro Confederacy (modern day Eastern Nigeria), and the British Empire. It began after many failed negotiations between the two empires/countries.

Russian Revolution

22 January 1905 - 16 June 1907

The Russian Revolution was a series of revolutions. During one of the revolutions, the Provisional Government was replaced with a Communist Government.

French Conquest of Morocco


The French Conquest of Morocco happened after the Agadir Crisis. One month after beginning, the 'Treaty of Fez' was signed, granting Moroccan sovereignty to France.

Italo-Turkish War

29 September 1911 - 18 October 1912

Fought by the Ottoman Empire and the Kingdom of Italy, this war ended with Italy taking over Tripolitania, Fezzan, and Cyrenaica. We now know this area as Libya. Many technological advances in warfare were made during this war, the aeroplane being a major advance.

Balkan Wars

8 October 1912 - 18 July 1913

The Balkan Wars were two wars that happened in south-east Europe, also known as the Balkan Peninsula. Countries still under the Ottoman Empire joined as the 'Balkan League'. It ended seven months after beginning, due to the 'Treaty of London'. At the end of the second Balkan War, Bulgaria lost most of what it gained in the first war.

Assasination of Franz Ferdinand

28 June 1914

Franz Ferdinand was heir to the Austrian-Hungarian throne. He was assassinated by the Siberian Black Hand, which led to the beginning of World War 1.

World War 1

28 July 1914 - 11 September 1918

World War 1 took place over four years in Europe. Also known as 'The Great War', it killed many people.

German Army marched into Belgium

4 August 1914

The German Army marched through Belgium, mainly to get to France as soon as possible. Marching through Belgium was a main part of the Schleiffen Plan.

Battle of the Frontiers

14 August 1914 - 24 August 1914

Fought along the eastern frontiers of France, the Battle of the Frontiers was caused by the clashing of the French Plan XVII and the German Schlieffen Plan.

Battle of Tannenberg

26 August 1914 - 30 August 1914

The Battle of Tannenberg was fought in the early days of World War 1 by the Germans and Russians. It resulted in the Russian Second Army almost completely destroyed.

Battle of the Marne

5 September 1914 - 12 September 1914

The Battle of the Marne was in World War 1, and was fought by the Allies, against the German Army. It resulted in a victory to the Allies, after a seven day duration.

Battle of Gallipoli

25 April 1915 - 9 January 1916

The Battle of Gallipoli happened during World War 1. Fought by the British and French against the Turks, the British and French wanted to capture what is now modern day Istanbul. After failure on the British/French side, the battle was over.

Battle of Verdun

21 February 1916 - 18 December 1916

The Battle of Verdun was a major battle in World War 1 fought by the Germans and French on the Western Front. The French army won, mainly due to the recapturing of Verdun's defensive system, Fort Douaumont.

Battle of the Somme

1 July 1916 - 18 November 1916

The Battle of the Somme was one of the biggest battles in WW1. The British and French fought against the German, leaving over one million casualties to both sides.

Battle of Fromelles

19 July 1916 - 20 July 1916

This battle was intended to be a be a diversion from the Battle of the Somme, and to stop the Germans sending extra troops to the Somme. There were many Australian and British troops killed, and this battle was a failure by the British and Australians.

Battle of Arras

9 April 1917 - 16 May 1917

British, Canadian, New Zealand, Newfoundland, and Australian troops attacked German defences near the French city of Arras on the Western Front. When the battle ended, great advances had been made by the British, but no breakthroughs occurred.