20th Century War and Conflict (1900-1950) by Will L

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Anglo-Aro war

1901 - 1902

This conflict was between The United Kingdom and the Aro Confederacy

The Herero war

1904 - 1907

This conflict was between German Empire and the Herero and Namaqua peoples.

The Russian Revolution


This was the The russian Revolution

The Italo-Turkish War

1911 - 1912

This conflict was between was The Italy Empire and the Ottoman Empire

The First Balkan War

1912 - 1913

This Conflict was between The Kingdom of Bulgaria,
Kingdom of Greece,
Kingdom of Serbia,
Kingdom of Montenegro, and the Ottoman Empire

Air warfare

1914 - 1918

This is when the air warfare was used for the first time.
The vocour scourge in 1915 killed pilots rapidly.
An pilots life was measured in days.

Assassination of Franz Ferdinand

June 28 1914

He was assassinated in sarajevo, he was heir to the Austria/Hungarian throne.

franz Ferdinand

June 28 1914


July 28 1914 - November 11 1918

WW1 was a horrible conflict that was also known as the Great War it lasted 4 years and began with the assassination of Francis Ferdinand. Over 15 million people died and over 20 millon people were injured. This was supposed to be the war to end all wars, that has been proven wrong.

Everybody at war

August 4 1914

On August 4th is the date that everybody in Europe had been roped into war.

Germany entered Belgium

August 14 1914

Germany soldiers entered Belgium, and the citizens fought back.

Battle of Tannenberg

23 august 1914 - 30 august 1914

A battle between the Germans and the Russian Empire. It was a German victory

The battle of Marne

5 september 1914 - 12 september 1914

Between the UK ,france and the Germans.
Allied victory against the germans

The first battle of Ypres

October 19 1914 - November 22 1914

The second battle fo Ypres

April 22 1915 - May 15 1915


25 April 1915 - 9 January 1916

2000 wounded/killed in the first day. Aim- to open a supply route to Russia. The turkish had 4 weekes to plan for the attack. ANZACS landed 2km north of there target.
7th of December the retreat was orded.

First chemical warfare

September 1915

Chlorine was used in bombs for chemical warfare. This was the first time chemical warfare was used.

The battle of Verdun

21 February 1916 - 18 December 1916

The Germans invaded Verdun and the French defended. The battle ended with a French victory. 100,000 soldiers died overall

Bombardment of Somme

June 24 1916

On this date the Bombardment started on the battle of Somme

The battle of Somme

1 July 1916 - 18 November 1916

The battle of Somme killed 60 thousand British soldiers in 25 hours. Only 7 miles were taken with 600,000 dead

The battle of Fromelles

19 july 1916 - 20 july 1916

This battle was in France and it killed 1,500 British soldiers and 5,553 australian Imperial soldiers. Germans buried the enemy soldiers in mass graves. The british officer Richard harking ordered 7 thousand Australian soldiers to fight at the battle of Fromelles. More died in this battle than the boar war, the Korea war and the Vietnam war combined.

The battle of Arras

9 April 1917 - 16 May 1917

A battle between the UK and the Germans

The third battle of Ypres

July 31 1917 - November 6 1917

Fourth battle Ypres

April 9 1918 - April 29 1918

Fifth battle of Ypres

September 28 1918 - October 2 1918

The treaty of Versailles

28 june 1919

The treaty of Versailles was signed on this date.