ww2 timeline

january 2013 ms.mazzigila timeline for ww2


Hitler threatens Jews for the first time nationally

January 30 1939

on january 30 1939 Hitler threatened the Jews for the first time over a speech to Germany. the speech was the Reichstag.

Nazis and Soviets sign a pact

august 23 1939

on august 23 1939 the Nazis and the Soviets sign a pact together.

Nazi invade Poland

September 1 1939

on september 1 1939 the Nazi party invaded Poland, in turn starting World War 2

Canada declares war on Germany

September 10 1939

on September 10 1939 Canada declares war on Germany. another country has now entered the war.

between this time period Holland and Belgium surrenders to the Nazis

may 15 1940 - may 28 1940

between may 15 and may 28 1940 Holland and Belgium surrenders to the Nazis. this is an example of the other country's letting Hitler do whatever he please because they thought t would help, but it just made the war bigger and bigger each time they let him get away with something.

italy declares war on Great Britain and France

June 10 1940

on june 10 1940 Italy declares war on Great Britain and France. Italy will be on the axis powers and Great Britain and France will be on the allied powers.

Hitler plans Operation Sea lion

september 3 1940

Hitler plans Operation Sea lion. Operation Sea lion was Hitler's plan to invade Great Britain.

Roosevelt re-elected in America

november 5 1940

Roosevelt was re-elected has U.S president on November 5 1940.

Hungary joins axis powers

november 20 1940

on november 20 1940 Hungry joined the axis powers. this was the bad side, the side with the Nazis.