timeline thing

it a time line

First layer

Roman Emperor dethroned

476 A.D. - 477 A.D.

Roman Emperor Romulus Augustus dethroned by barbarians. Rome collapses.

King Clovis

481 A.D. - 511 A.D.

Clovis becomes King of the Franks. Leads them for 30 yrs.

Martel Victory

732 A.D. - 733 A.D.

Martel's victory against Muslims meant northern Europe remained christian.

Pepin And the Pope

751 - 752

Pepin asked Pope to recoginze him as King

King Charlemagne

768 - 814

Charlemagne becomes king over the Franks, Emperor and ruler of the former western roman empire.

Louis King

814 - 840

Louis the Pious Rules Empire

King William the Conqueror

1066 A.D. - 1067 A.D.

King William took over England. Using Feudalism system, divides the lands among followers.

William Invades

1066 - 1067

William wanted to be Emperor and invades England with his Nomad army to claim that title.

Second Layer

im a second layer

last Words

478 - 479

Poet writes words about the last surviving bit of Rome and its fall.

Box Lid

700 - 710

Anglo-Saxon box lid carved from whalebone showing warriors attacking a fortress.

Muslims Attack

732 - 734

The Muslims attacked the Frankish and the Franks did not ride horses then but the Muslims did giving them a advantage.

Charlemagne to Italy

800 - 801

Charlemagne goes to Italy to help Pope with rebels.

Charlemagnes Death

813 - 814

Charlemagne dies at age 72.

Fight for Control

817 - 840

Louis the Pouis' sons Lothair, Charles, and Louis fought for control of the kingdom


950 - 1050

Through this time the Pope established around 200 churches.

Third Layer

Machu Pickle

Alfred VS Vikings

800 - 899

England suffered attacks from vikings and King Alfred did his best to fend them off until his death in 899

Writing Returns

900 - 1100

Religious writings, law anthologies, histories, and poetry came back to the eyes of man.