Untitled timeline


Growth of textiles

1760 - 1815

This was similar the Indurtrial Revolution. It is the growth of textile production.

Woman's sufferage

1800 - 1900

Woman's Sufferage was when wonmen fought for the right to vote.

Expansion of Railroads

1862 - 1900

The Expansion of Railroads created a sense of closeness in the country. People and materials could be shipped faster than before.


1865 - 1900

Sharecropping was a form of farming where blacks worked for a plantation owner and gave them half their crops in exchange for land.

Charleston earthquake


The Charleston earthquake was a disasterous earthquake that ravenged earthquake.

Temperance Movement

1875 - 1919

This was a movement to ban alcohol. It ended when Probation started.

Jim Crow Laws

1876 - 1975

These laws hurt blacks by segregating them. Also by making laws that made their life worth less.

Populists Movement


The Populist Movement was a movement that supported the people. Its main group, poor farmers, didn't vote for them because they all voted for democrats. This made the Populists become incorperated into the democratic party.

Great Migration

1916 - 1970

This was when all the blacks moved from rural communities in the South to more Urban in the North.

Civil Rights Movement

1950 - 1960

The Civil Rights Movement was when people fought for equal rights for blacks.