Alexander the great


Birth and childhood

356 b.c - 339 B.c

356-339 b.c. 1.born in Macedonia 2. Son of King Phillip the second. 3. Taught by Aristotle. 4. love everything that was Greek. 5. Slept with a book under his pillow at night called lilad.

Alexander becomes king

336 b.c

Phillip was assassinated. Becomes king of Macedonia

Persia vs. Macedonia

334 b.c

Battle of Granicus
Belligerents: Persia and Macedonia

The Romans

Plebians went on strike

494 b.c

Council of Plebs

471 b.c

Partricans and Plebians are allow to marry

455 b.c

Council of the Plebs had gained the power to pass laws for all Romans

287 b.c

The First Punic War

264 b.c

Rome cruched Carthages navy off the coast of Sicily

241 b.c

Battle of Cannae

216 b.c

Macedonia came under Roman Rule

148 b.c

Rome finally destroyed it's great rival in the third war

146 b.c

Tiberius Grachus is assinated by a band of senates

133 b.c

Three men were on top: Crassus, Pompey, and Julius Caesar

60 b.c

Senate orders Julius Caesar to give up his army and come home

49 b.c

Julius drives Pompey forces from Italy

48 b.c

Caesar is assinated and was stabbed 23 times

44 b.c

Caesar declares himself as dictator of Rome for life

44 b.c