The Shift from Representative Government to Responsible Government 1830&1855

Representative Government to Responsible Government

Representative Government to Responsible Government

1830 - 1855


The Need for Change


In 1830's people in the BNA and they started to dislike the Elite. It was unfair because BNA didn't use vote for England.They wanted change. Some professionals and merchants create push for changes called, Reformers. They wanted Responsible Government. Representative Government wasn't fair. Queen is on the top and she doesn't give vote. Queen live in England. This is not democratic procedure.
The governor is Queen's assistant. Governor has final decisions and he has say veto or deny. Governor live BNA. Governor say about BNA and Queen learn about BNA.
Governor doesn't give vote.

This is not democratic.
Legislative and Executive Councils suggest bills and they can give vote. They live in BNA. These councils select the some laws and give to governor. This is democratic but governor chooses councils leaders.
Legislative Assembly gets taxes to voters. This is democratic because Assembly give vote and people chooses the Assembly.
Voters elect to Legislative Assembly. Voters live in BNA. This is little bit democratic because only BNA people give vote, not Britain man. If Queen says bills, voters must listen Queen's rules.


1830 - 1838

Religion played huge role in politics and life and people often voted the way. They wanted votes in churchs.


1830 - 1838

The Newspaper was important part of life because newspapers give development about country. Newspapers create strong Reform. Newspapers often create own opinion on political issues.


The Impact of Joseph Howe


Joseph Howe was famous politician of the mid-1830s. he was a reformer in Nova Scotia. Joseph Howe broadcast a newspaper called the "Novascotian" and he succeed Reform Party. He wanted the Responsible Government.

Joseph Howe


The Rebellions in Lower and Upper Canada

1837 - 1838

Rebellion is people turn against the Government in a violent and bad way. Rebellions began and Government started to seize to people and people started rebellions. Rebels were defeated by the British Government and they tried second rebellion but they were defeated again by the government in Lower Canada. Rebellions in Upper Canada, start on 1837 and finished on 1838. Upper Canadian rebellions were knew British soldiers. British soldiers were busy in Lower Canada and Upper Canadian rebellions tried own rebellion. Finally government organized reservist. Reservist is not professional soldiers. The reservists easily defeated the Rebels in Upper Canada.

Upper Canada Rebellions


Lord Durham's Report


Durham give Responsible Government to the colony of Canada. This idea surprising to the Britain. This idea help in poverty. Britain get Durham's Report and combine Canada West and East. The colony called the Colony of Canada. Britain didn't give BNA Responsible Government but idea was Britain's idea.

Lord Durham


Responsible Government Achieved in Nova Scotia


Nova Scotia wanted Responsible Government. Nova Scotia had first Responsible Government in BNA. Joseph Howe had elected to Assembly in 1836. Joseph Howe pushs Responsible Government and he creates strong Reform Party. He helped create Reform Party. In 1848 governor gave vote first time and Reform Party was win. People liked strong Reform Party. James Boyle Uniacke was leader in the Reform Party because he won in the first election. He was first premier of Nova Scotia.
James Boyle Uniacke

Responsible Government in Province of Canada


First premiers are Louis- Hipployte LaFontaine from Canada East and Robert Baldwin from Canada West succeed to create an Assembly in 1849.
Louis Hippolyte LaFontaine

Robert Baldwin


Responsible Government in Prince Edward Island


George Coles and Edward Whelan are first premiers. They were first Reform Leaders.

George Coles
Edward Whelan

Responsible Government in New Brunswick


Britain agreed to this change in 1854,key figures are Charles Fisher and first premier is Charles Fisher
Charles Fisher
Lemuel Allan Wilmot

Responsible Government in Newfoundland


They wanted Responsible Government. Roman Catholic and Methodist determined to join together for Reform. Finally Newfoundland get Responsible Government. Philip F. Little was the first premier and Philip F. Little won first election

Philip Francis Little